Tips on Mail shots

Tips on Mail Shots
We print here tips on mail shots that people have offered for more successful sales.
We cannot guarantee they all work but its worth trying as every sale is important.
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1 One very good tip on mail shots is to post the sales letter on a Thursday or Friday.
The reason being that people at weekends have time to read your message. The rest of the week they are to busy going to work or taking the kids to school and generally rushing around. But weekends are for relaxing therefore people have time to sit and relax and read.
Stamped mail is good for mail shots.
It is quite logical to assume that all mail received will be opened. It has been proved other wise on many occasions. Next time the post arrives at your home get your partner to open up the post. They will nearly always OPEN STAMPED MAIL FIRST. This is because it is personal to them not just another junk Mail etc.
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