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Postal Codes

Postal codes came into existence way back in 1957 and it took another 15 years before the whole of the UK had a Post Code.

The idea being that Post Codes would speed up the sorting procedure in the Royal Mail sorting depots.

It is very important when sending a letter that it not only has the correct address on it but also the correct Post Code. Failure to do its will result in a possible delay in the letter being delivered.

It should appear after the address and before the County


Mr Jones

2 Down the Road


AS2 45T

Whatever County

There are places on the Internet where you can find a Post Code for most Postal address’s in the UK. Usually free but sometimes limited.

Here are 3 sites that are Post Code finders:

This next link is great for Post Code finder in other country’s as well as the UK

The following link will enable you to find the distance between 2 Post Codes….should you wish to know that!


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