F A Q Postage with PIP

1  Do I need a Letter Size Guide?

Ans: If you are sending out envelopes with up to 3 A4 sheets in then you will not need a Letter size guide. How ever a letter size guide is a useful tool to have. As if you do have a letter or package to post which you are not sure about if it is a Large Letter or is it a packet. Then a letter size guide will tell you straight away.

2 How much is a 1st class stamp?

Ans  62p  more details here

3 How much is a 2nd class stamp?

Ans 53p more details here

4  What happens if the letter I have posted is a large letter and I have put on stamps for an ordinary letter?

Ans: The recipient will get charged £1.20 plus the price difference of what is already on the envelope and the correct rate at 2nd class.

5  What is PIP or Pricing in Proportion

Ans: It is the method that the Royal Mail (and many other country’s ) charge there customers for postage. Click here for more information.

6  How much are Letter Size Guides or Royal Mail letter guides.

Ans:  It depends on which one you buy. The actual Royal Mail letter size guide can be as much as £40 but can possible get it cheaper here. Other Letter size guides vary in size and cost from £3 up wards.

Here is a selection.



Royal Mail Letter size guide